Welcome To Real Estate Blurb

Welcomereal estate Blurb

It is with great pleasure I welcome you to Real Estate blurb. Real Estate Blurb is a unique blog that will unveil numerous features with time. For a start, we are going to cover News, events, investments, tips, and deals in real estate.

What Inspired the creation of this blog Real Estate Blurb

I have been writing as a freelancer on real estate niche and felt the need to setup something on my own. After days of pondering, I came up with the idea of creating a real estate portal. I had to write a plan for the portal which went well. After writing the marketing section of my plan, an idea of creating a blog came up. I knew it was the best because I have been writing for real estate niche.

Domain Registration

Getting a domain name was the next task I had to handle. If you have ever tried registering a domain name, you will understand the stress of getting a domain name. I tried several combinations with the term real estate in it, but thanks to GoDaddy suggestion. I was about to take a break when GoDaddy suggested the name realesateblurb.com. The domain name was quickly registered because it’s not easy to get such domain name.

Installation And Optimization

After acquiring a domain name, I had to connect the domain with my hosting package. I installed my WordPress blog and bought a theme from mytheme shop. I love to use themes from mythemeshop because they are neatly coded and optimized for SEO and speed. After installing the theme I bought I had to run some optimization because the speed test score was lower than expected.

Designing A Logo

Designing a logo was the next step. I had to use canva.com for designing a logo. It wasn’t easy trying to pick a logo because I came up with two logos at the end of my design. Thanks to my eight-year-old nephew “Maro Iteire” who helped me with the decision of which of the logo to use.

After choosing a logo, I had to create social profiles on facebook, twitter, youtube, medium, Quora, and LinkedIn. Please remember to follow real estate blurb on social to receive tips and entertainment.

What to expect from real estate blurb

I plan to give exclusive tips on this blog. You should expect to receive news on what is going on in the industry. I will also publish investment and investors on real estate deals and companies. There is going to be an Events/conferences section for you to follow up real estate events.

Real estate blurb has a lot to offer the masses in the real estate niche. We encourage you to subscribe and follow real estate blurb in any of the social platforms to enjoy quality updates. See you on the other side.